Unibet Bonus Code 2018

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Unibet deposit bonus: 400% on up to $80
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Wagering requirement: x4 value of the bonus
Validity period: 30 days after opt in
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Unibet Bonus Code 2018

New customers only | Commercial content | Bet responsibly |18+ age limit | T&Cs apply

Unibet Australia is one of the top online sportsbooks in Australia and has quickly come to be one of the most reliable names in the industry. Unibet features a wide array of sports and leagues for patrons to place wager on as well as live bets and live stream features, that can be enjoyed at the click of a button. With over 10 million customers worldwide Unibet is one of the biggest online sportsbooks on the planet—expect nothing but the very best in customer support, promotions and security when playing on the site.

Now for a limited time new users may use the Unibet Bonus Code 2018 to enjoy up a 400% bonus on $20 minimum deposit, giving players a $100 to start off with to place. That means you will get $80! (T&Cs apply)

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History and Licensing

The Unibet site is an online gambling site which is headquartered in Malta. The Australian operations are however licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Government.

Unibet Australia started off originally as Betchoice and was founded by Sydney bookmakers Colin Tidy and Mark Morrissey in 2001. In 2006 Betchoice acquired a Northern Territory licence and by 2012 all of the Betchoice members were moved over to Unibet Australia. Unibets fast became one of the leading sportsbooks in Australia after the change.

Unibet has enjoyed much success in Australia which has even led it to make acquisitions of other bookmakers, including the Australian-based bookmaker, Betchoice in 2012. Unibet has also won a series of awards for its site including the eGaming Review Sports Betting Operator of the Year in 2006, 2008 and 2009 and Live Operator of the Year 2009 award.

Unibet is an approved betting partner of the AFL, NRL, Australian Rugby Union, Cricket Australia, PGA Australia, Tennis Australia, Netball Australia and the UFC.

Registering at Unibet Australia – Step by Step

unibet bonus code 2018

Unibet Australia has a quick and easy registration process that will have you up and running on the site in just a few minutes. Use the following guide to ensure you set up your account and get a Unibet Login ID without any issues and take advantage of the Unibet Bonus Code 2018.

In order to get the Unibet deposit bonus you must register your account by going through these 5 steps:

  1. Click on the big yellow ‘Register Now’ button which can be found on the bottom left hand side of the page. Clicking on the button will transport you a registration form.
  2. The first page in the registration form will ask for your personal details such as: Full Name, Email, Phone Number, Date of Birth and Gender. Once you have finished filling out the details click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  3. You will then be transported to the second phase of the registration form where you will need to provide Unibet with your Australian Address. Click on the ‘Continue’ button once again after you’ve completed filling out your address.
  4. The third phase of the registration form will require you to create a Username and Password for you Unibet Australia account. The password for your account must be a minimum of 8 characters long and not contain your name, username or date of birth—it must also contain kinds of characters (capitals, numbers, punctuation). You will also need to provide Unibet Australia will a security question for your account. Click the ‘Continue’ Button and head to the last part of the form.
  5. In the last phase of the registration process you will be required to accept the terms and conditions of the site by ticking the box that verifies you are over the age of 18 and are aware of the terms and conditions of the site. Click the ‘Join’ Button and the process is complete.

If you encounter any problems during your registration process you may contact the customer support at Unibet Australia or look through the FAQ section for detailed answers.

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Software and Platform at Unibet

Most of the Unibet website is driven by flash, giving it a smooth and crisp feel which is ideal for efficient and hassle-free betting. The site can be access using any updated browser on your PC or via mobile app for iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

Mobile Unibet App

The mobile app provided by Unibet is ideal for users who are always on the go. The app also has a live streaming feature which allows users to access live streams to games from wherever they are ensuring they don’t miss a beat of their favorite games and matches.
In order to get the mobile application users must download the app from the Apple App Store for all Apple products and from bookmakers’ website for Android sites.

You may use the following links to access the app:

Apple Appstore: Click HERE
Android: Click HERE


The layout of the site is very clean and user-friendly with Sports, Live Betting and Racing featured as the main three menu bars for the site. Players may login to their account or keep their accounts logged into if they choose by remembering their login information on their browser.

A very handy search bar is available at the top of the ‘Sports’ section which allows users to type in the name of any sport, league or team. This is ideal for users who bet a lot on the same teams. The live betting feature for the website can be used at any point—it lists all the games which are currently available for live betting when you enter the section.

unibet deposit bonus


The betting slip for Unibet Australia website pops up on the right side of all Unibet pages whenever a user click on the odds of a game they would like to bet on. Picks on the slip will stay up even when switching pages.

Links to the statistics and additional markets of games are provided next to each sporting event. A red ‘Live’ icon is displayed in order to indicate whether an event will support live phone betting once it commences and a TV icon is shown next to the events that will be streamed live via Unibet’s online TV service.

All in all the layout of the site makes betting a breeze by keeping things simple. Even new users should have absolutely no trouble navigating through the site. Make sure your browser is fully updated to make sure the flash components of the site run smoothly.

Unibet Bets

After you have registered on the Unibet site, placing a bet is very simple. All users need to find a sporting event which they wish to bet on and just click on the odds of the side of the bet they would like to make a wager on. When a user clicks on the odds they wish to take, a betting slip will open up on the right hand side of their page.

From there what all users need to do is enter how much they wish to bet and then click on the ‘Place Bet’ button. Upon completing a bet, a user will be presented with their completed betting slip which they can access in their in-play bets section. Once the bet expires, whether the user wins or loses the bet they may keep track of their past bets using the betting history window.

Users may make parlay or combination bets by clicking no more than one sporting event odds to bet on. Both sporting events will appear in their betting slip and they will have the option of betting on the ‘combination.’ Combination bets will be the sum of the bets chosen multiplied together, but will require both bets to win in order for the user to be paid out.

How to Place a Bet – Step by Step

You may use the following step-by-step betting instructions to make sure your bets are placed without any errors:

  • First type in the sport, league or team you would like to bet on into the search bar found at the top of the ‘Sports’ section of the site. You will be given a list of the games to choose from.
  • After you find the right sporting event that you would like to place a wager on, find the corresponding bet which and click on the odds. Your betting selection will be added on the right side of the Unibet webpage on the online ‘betting slip’.
  • Last you must enter the amount of money you wish to wager into the ‘stake’ box of the betting slip and click the ‘Place Bet’ button and then click on the ‘Confirm Bet’ button to confirm the bet.

It’s that simple– your bet will then be placed and available for viewing in your in-play bets and after the bet is completed, your betting history.


Bets and Odds

Parlay or Combination bets
Users may place parlay or combination bets when they choose more than one sporting event to bet on. Parlay bets simply multiply the odds of the two events together to create large odds, however in order for the better to win the bet they are required to win all wagers on the betting slip.

So for example, if you bet on three matches each having 2/1 odds in a parlay your odds for the bet would be 8/1. If you choose any of the matches incorrectly you will not be paid anything.

To place combination bets, click on more than one sporting event you would like to bet on. On the betting slip on the bottom right side of the page you will be given the opportunity to click on ‘Combination.’ From there simply place whatever wager you would like and the bet will be parlayed. Your total stake, the total odds and the possible payout will all be displayed on the betting slip prior to placing the bet.

Odds Types
Odds types are very important when making bets. Users must always use the odds types which they are most comfortable with. The three types of odds available on Unibet Australia site are fractional, decimal and American.

Fractional- fractional odds multiply your bet by a fraction the betting site provides for you. So for example if you place a $10 bet on 4/1 fractional odds you will receive $50 if you win, for a profit of $40. Fractional odds types will be set as the default odds type for the site.
Decimal- is very similar to fractional odds but uses numbers in decimal form instead of fractions to provide odds for bets. So for example the same bet placed above in the fractional system will be $10 at 4.0 odds to return $50.

American- the American betting odds type is quite different to both the decimal and fractional types. A negative number indicates what you must bet to make $100 profit (or equivalent in your chosen currency) and a positive number indicates how much you might profit if you bet $100.

*Note that the odds type you choose will make no difference in the overall amounts bet and won on the site. It is important however, to find the right odds system that will make betting the easiest for you to read.

Sports on Unibet Australia

A huge number of sports are available to be bet on the Unibet Australia site, most of which have multiple leagues and fixtures. The following is a list of the sports available currently on the Unibet Australia site and a further look into some of the more popular sports for Australian betters.


All Sports Available on Unibet Australia:

  • Australian Rules
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • American Football
  • Boxing
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • eSports
  • Golf
  • Handball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Motorsports
  • Netball
  • Novelties
  • Poker
  • Politics
  • Snooker
  • UNIBEST Specials
  • Volleyball

Most Popular Sports



Cricket is one of the most popular sports to bet on in Australia. Not only may betters place bets on the top international fixtures but they may also place wagers on the best domestic leagues in the world such as the Big Bash League, the English County Circuit and the IPL. Bets Outright Winners and Tournament bets are also available to be made on some of the bigger tournaments such as the World Cup and the Champions League.

All cricket matches on the Unibet Australia site allow users to bet on winners of the matches. Some matches also give the options on other bets such as: series winner, total wides, most 6’s and most 4’s. All bets are made on team totals.

Live betting and live streaming further enhance the ability of users to make great bets by giving user an opportunity to make bets and watch the matches even after the match has begun.

Australian Rules

Aussie rules is another one of the most bet on sports by avid punters in Australia and New Zealand. The most popular leagues which betters like to wager on are the Australian Football League and Victorian Football League. All Australian rules matches feature the ability to bet on the outright winner, the line set by Unibet, and an over/under total points which is also set by Unibet. Betters may also place wagers on bets such as the first to score and winner of the first half.

Live betting and Unibet TV streams are a great way to keep up with all the Aussie Rules action while on the go. As long as you have a positive balance or have made a bet in the past 24 hours you will be privy to the Unibet TV feature which provides almost all the Aussie Rules games right to your computer or mobile phone, free of charge.


Users of Unibet Australia may place wagers on both Rugby Union and Rugby League Matches. Rugby League fixtures consist mainly of the NRL which feature a number of Australasian teams. Other leagues such as the Holden Cup U20, Super League and Challenge Cup are also available for Australian betters.

Rugby Union features many of the European Leagues such as the European Championships Cup and the European Challenge Cup as well as the Lions Tour.

Live betting and live streaming is once again one of the most popular ways to watch Rugby matches. The ability to place a wide range of live bets on the game while watching it on your PC or mobile device brings convenience to all users. Bets can be made on fluctuating lines and outright winners as well as team totals and over/unders.


Tennis fans in Australia will be pleased to hear that a large number of tennis tournaments are featured on the Unibet Australia site. Leagues such as the ATP, WTA, Challenger and ITF are all available as betting options.

The most popular bets which can be made on tennis matches on Unibet Australia are wagers on the winner of the match, winner with set lines and the total number of games which will be played during the match as an over/under set by the site. Unibet Australia also allows users to bet on individual sets.

Live betting is most popular on tennis matches which allow users to place wagers on individual points as well as the winner and over/under of sets. Most of the tennis matches which are found in live betting are also featured in the Unibet TV listings which allow users to watch the tennis matches as they place bets on them.


The NBA is by far the most popular basketball league found on Unibet Australia, however there are a number of other leagues to choose from such as; the Euroleague, WNBA, Australia NBL as well as a number of other European leagues.
Bets such as the Outright Winner of the NBA Championship, the conference champions, most regular season wins and even the regular season MVP can all be bet on during the off season of the NBA, making sure there are bets to be had even when the season isn’t running.

Live Betting goes very well with NBA games, with ever-changing odds to winners as well as over/under game totals. Big basketball fans have the opportunity to increase the excitement by placing a bet while they are watching the game.

There are also live streams of most games provided by Unibet Australian to make sure users don’t miss out on any of the action. These can be super useful to big basketball fans who want to watch games while on the go.


Top Features at Unibet Australia

Unibet TV is one of the best features available on the Unibet Australia site. Unibet TV allows users to access live streams of select games which can be viewed by logging into your Unibet Account. You can enjoy live broadcasts of almost all the sports available at Unibet Australia, including most Cricket fixtures, Aussie Rules & Rugby Union matches as well as most of the top league football from around the world. The Unibet TV feature is easy to use and access and is available for all Unibet customers who have a funded Unibet account or for those who have placed a bet within the previous 24 hours.

To access the Unibet TV simply click on the Unibet TV tab displayed on the main header menu. A list of possible streams will then be offered to users from which they can choose from.

Unibet Blog

The Unibet is one of the most popular betting blogs which is followed by millions of users all around the world. The blog features a range of articles and previews for AFL, NRL, tennis, football, horse racing and many more. Most of the articles give great tips and guides to betting which can be very useful when making bets on the Unibet site. Make sure you subscribe to the Unibet Blog to ensure you don’t miss out of any helpful information that could help you make winning bets. Unibet blog contributors include top sports analysts such as Jonathan Wilson, Paolo Bandini, Adam Digby and Adrian Clarke.

Unibet Live Betting

Live betting on Unibet allows players to make bets on games as they occur. Live bets widen the range of possible bets by giving users the opportunity to bet on a range of small occurrences during the game. For example, a better may place a bet on how many runs the next over would provide in cricket, which team will score the next goal in soccer as well as which team will win the first half in Rugby Union—just to name a few.

Live betting couples great with the live streaming facility provided by Unibet Australia by allowing users to bet on action as they watch it on the live stream. You may even use the mobile app to live bet, which ensures that you won’t skip a beat in the action.



Top Promotion on Unibet

Unibet has a number of promotions for users of the site. Some of the promotions are reserved for new players, such as the welcome bonus (T&Cs apply), however there are many other bonuses and rewards which Unibet Australia provides for users even after they are registered on the site. Seasonal and temporary promotions are also a large part of the promotional aspect of the site—users should make sure they sign up for all newsletters discussing future promotions and keep a lookout for any new promotions through the promotions page of the site.

Unibet Deposit Bonus

The Unibet Bonus Code 2018 gives new players the opportunity to make 400% on $20, to start off their stint at Unibet with $100, after only depositing $20! (T&Cs apply)

*This promotion is only for new users of the Unibets Australia site and cannot be used with any other promotional offers. The offer excludes SA, WA, VIC and NSW residents due to regulatory restrictions. The Bonus Money is subject to turnover requirements.

The turnover requirements need users to wager 4X the bonus amount in order to successfully be able to withdraw the bonus. This means that if you have a total deposit and bonus of $100, you must make wagers of $400 in order for you to be able to withdraw the bonus money. (T&Cs apply)

All qualifying wagers must be made on 1.40 odds of better.

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Unibet Australia refunds the following bets: Correct Score, Halftime/Fulltime, First Goal scorer and Last Goal scorer on bets up to $60 if a goal is scored after the 90th minute.

Only bets with a stake between $10 and $60 will be refunded using the 90+ Injury Time Insurance. Any bet with a higher or lower stakes does not qualify for a refund.

* This promotion is available to all Unibet customers who are located within Australia and New Zealand. (excluding SA residents due to regulatory restrictions).


Payment Methods

Unibet Australia users may enjoy a number of payment options on the site. The options attempt to make depositing money into your account and withdrawing money out of it as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

To make a deposit on Unibet Australia simply go to the cashier and click on any one of the following deposit methods:

1) Visa / MasterCard
Australian users of Unibet may use their Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card to place funds directly and securely into their Unibet Australia online betting accounts. Additional costs or fees may be assessed by a user’s card issuer pursuant to their cardholder agreement.

Fee: No Charge
Processing time: Instant
Min: $20
Max: $2,000

2) Paypal
Paypal is an extremely popular online e-money wallet which gives players the opportunity to make deposits directly from their Paypal accounts into their Unibet accounts. There may be additional costs or fees may be accessed by Paypal when making deposits. In order to use Paypal, you must already have a Paypal account or register for one. You may fund your Paypal account directly from your bank account.

3) POLi
POLi is a very fast and secure method of funding your Unibet account by using what is known as instant online banking. This payment method is available to customers in Australia in Australian Dollars.

To transfer funds, users will then be directed to the POLi website where they will have to select their bank from the available list of banks on the site. Users will then be transferred to their bank’s website from which they must log into their account and confirm their payment. Once the process is complete, the amount deposited will be instantly credited to their Unibet account.

Withdrawals cannot be made using POLi.

Fee: No Charge
Processing time: 5-10 Minutes
Min: $20
Max: $2,000

4) BPay
BPay is a secure method of funding your Unibet account straight from your bank account without the use of any debit or credit cards being necessary. In order to make a deposit using BPay, users will be directed to the BPay website and will be issued with a unique Biller Code and Reference Number. From there users will have to make the payment via BPay using their online, mobile or telephone banking.

Withdrawals for BPAY will be made through Bank Wires.

Fee: No Charge
Processing time: 2-3 Working Days
Min: No Limit
Max: No Limit

5) Bank Transfer
Users may transfer money directly to the Unibet Australia Bank Account using the following bank information:
Bank name: Westpac
Account name: Betchoice Corporation Pty
BSB number: 032 152
Account number: 15 3264
Swift code: WPAC-AU2S
Branch: Coogee, NSW, Australian

Fee: No Charge
Processing time: 2-3 Working Days
Min: No Limit
Max: No Limit

Withdrawing funds from your Unibet Australia account is a simple process however it should be noted that before you can withdraw any funds from your account, you must complete the a customer verification process. To complete this process you may visit the Unibet customer verification page and follow the instructions.

Withdrawals can be made via credit cards or electronic fund transfers.

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Customer Support

The Customer Support at Unibet Australia is extremely helpful in resolving any issues you make face on the site.
The most popular method of customer support on the site is via phone. Australian residents may call 13 78 68 or 13 (PUNT) to receive one on one customer service from a designated representative.

User may also use the e-mail feature to make inquiries which can be found in the Unibet Help Centre. Another option for Unibet Australia users is direct post which can be mailed into Suite 320 / 4 Columbia Court Baulkham Hills NSW 2153.

The best practice on the site is to use the FAQ guide to solve problems before making inquiries. There is a high chance that the comprehensive FAQ guide will have the answers to the questions you may have.


Now that you know everything there is to know about Unibet Australia stop by the site and register for an account. The plethora of sports to bet on coupled with the Unibet TV and live betting features make Unibet one of the top choices amongst avid punters who are looking for the best betting sites online.

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