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Betfair Promo Code 2018

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Betfair is not your traditional bookmaker or sportsbook.

It is, in fact, a betting exchange, meaning you will be placing live bets against other punters, acting as the bookie and the bettor all at once rather than using a traditional Betfair promo code 2018. Instead you will get a winnings boost up to $500 when you sign up via our site.

Betfair is jam-packed with cutting edge tools to give you the advantage you need to make your bets a success. With databases, statistics and betting strategy tools all available on the site, Betfair has become a premier destination for punters in Australia.

So what does Betfair offer you and why should you check it out? Is there anything they could do better and how do you get started using the site? We’ll cover all of that and more in this expert Betfair guide.

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Betfair Free Bet

No free bet is available on the Betfair au website. This is a betting exchange which will involve you placing bets against other punters, not Betfair itself.

But if you enter Betfair through our site you will be able to get a 20% winnings boost up to $500. Simply just click on the buttons on this page and the bonus will soon be yours!

How to Sign Up at Betfair

In order to access the best elements of the site and to be able to place bets, you’ll need a Betfair account. Signing up is a pain-free process that shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes of your time.

Here’s a quick rundown of how the signup process goes.

You can follow these instructions exactly to create your new Betfair account:

  1. Click ‘Join’ in the top right-hand corner of the site. If you’re using a mobile device such as a phone or tablet, this will be located on the menu tab at the top left of the site.
  2. You’ll be presented with a signup form asking you for some simple information. You’ll need your email address, country, preferred currency, physical address, date of birth, telephone number and you’ll need to create a password and security question.You’ll also be asked to enter your Betfair promo code 2018 if you have one at this stage. Be sure to enter it correctly as trying to redeem it later could be problematic.
  3. Once you have entered your information and gone through the steps of the signup process, you’ll be asked to agree to Betfair’s terms and conditions.
  4. Once you agree and your new Betfair account has been created, you’ll need to link up a payment method so you can both make deposits and can withdraw winnings. You’ll have a range of options here, which will be covered in more detail later in this guide.

That’s it! Simple, easy and painless – just how a signup process should be. You’re now ready to make a deposit and start betting. Go back to the main Betfair page and find the Betfair login, then click and sign in.

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Understanding Betfair & Betting Exchanges

Betfair is not a traditional bookmaker or sportsbook as you’ve seen them elsewhere. It’s a betting exchange, acting as a middleman or facilitator and allowing you to place and sell bets in the open marketplace. Naturally, because of this, there is no Betfair free bet.

In Betfair’s own description, they are the neutral barman mediating between two mates who want to have a punt against each other. Jim believes Djokovic will win the Aussie Open and Jack believes Murray will take it, so Betfair enables this exchange to happen on their live marketplace.

This opens up lots of new potential avenues for betting since you can make or sell a bet on anything someone is willing to bet for or against. Just be careful, though, because if you’re selling a bet and acting as the bookie, you’ll have to cough up the cash at the odds set if you lose.

Exchanges allow you to bet that something will occur, such as that Djokovic will win the Australian Open, but they also allow you to bet that something won’t happen, which many feel gives them an advantage since it’s much easier to say ‘X will not happen in a field of 10 potential events’ than it is to say ‘X will happen in a field of 10 potential events’.

Exchanges are all the rage and are growing in popularity by the day. As far as they go, Betfair has created a very good one and have achieved top spot for a reason.

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Betfair Sports Betting Options

Betfair is one of the top betting sites and sportsbooks online, so it should come as no surprise that you can bet on just about anything of significance on the site.

Here’s a quick rundown of the sports categories you can try your luck at whether using a Betfair free bet or betting on the exchanges:

American Football – American football has significantly widened its reach in recent years and with the advent of cable TV, fans from all over the world now watch on a weekly basis. Now you can have a punt while you watch.

Events like the Super Bowl obviously see the most cash changing hands, but there are regular season matches as well, meaning plenty of opportunities to bet on who will get flattened, who will score the next touchdown, and who will emerge victorious in any game.

Athletics – There’s always something going on in the world of athletics. While the big events like the Olympics and the World Championships capture all of the attention, there are endless athletics events in between these which you can bet on.

From marathons to sprint races to swimming and track and field, athletics provides the punter with many betting opportunities and is a growing sector in the sports betting community.

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AFL – Aussie rules footy is somewhat contained to Australia, but that doesn’t mean you can’t win some serious cash by placing a bet on it. The Aussie market is colossal in and of itself, and millions of dollars change hands through the betting exchanges and bookmakers on every game played.

While you relax at home or sit with a cold beer in the bar with your mates, Betfair makes it possible to add an extra element of excitement to your AFL games by having a personal stake in the action.

There are a number of bets you can make from winners to final score to tournaments winners.

Baseball – The days of Babe Ruth may be long gone, but baseball is bigger than ever and has transformed from a mostly American pastime into a global phenomenon which spectators from around the world love to tune in for.

You can bet on season winners, cup winners, and several other proposition bets such as most home runs and total points scored in a game. Baseball can be a little slow for some tastes, but when you have cash riding on the outcome of every pitch, it can be as exhilarating as any other sport.

Basketball – The amount of money that changes hands on basketball betting is mind blowing. Being one of the most popular sports in the world, there are endless opportunities to bet on major league basketball tournaments and games through Betfair.

Can you pick the winners of the next Grand Slam? How about the player who will score the most points in a game or a season? If so, betting on basketball could be the right choice for you.

There’s a huge range of games taking place constantly in the world of basketball. The majority of the public only ever hears about a fraction of them, but the sportsbooks go a lot deeper, and especially in information sections like Betfair’s ‘Hub’ you could find yourself learning a whole lot more about basketball than you ever thought existed and will spot betting opportunities as a result.

Bowls – Bowls isn’t exactly the most riveting of sports, but you’d be surprised how exciting a game can get when you have cash riding on the outcome.

While much of the rest of the world wouldn’t even know what bowls is, it’s a national Australian pastime and it’s only right that fans should be able to have a punt on the outcomes.

If you’re a bowls fan, you’re in luck, because Betfair will give you the opportunity to win big as you watch.

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Boxing – There’s perhaps no sport more exciting than a good old-fashioned slugfest, and as a result boxing is one of the most bet on sports in the world.

Experienced bettors know that boxing is a sport where absolutely anything can happen in a split second, and the king of the ring today could be the has been from yesteryear tomorrow.

This provides lots of exciting betting opportunities. We’ll cover some strategies and ways to bet later, one of which will be the ‘long shot’. Keep that in mind, because betting on the long shot is always a good idea in a sport where a single punch can change destinies.

Chess – We’re not even sure chess counts as a sport, and always would have thought of it as more of a game, but nonetheless you can bet on chess at Betfair.

Chess is watched by a lot more people than you might think at first, many of whom bet on it, and so it’s possible to make large amounts of money betting on the outcomes of matches.

If you’re totally new to the game this could be something new and novel for you to sink your teeth into, making a refreshing break from the same old bets every week. If you’re a chess lover and know the major players and matches, then you stand a very good chance of making some accurate predictions and winning cash.

How would you bet on the next human vs computer chess match? You might just have a chance to do so with this account.

Cricket – Cricket is one of the cornerstones of Australian civilization, a sport deeply misunderstood by the outside world and underrated in many parts of the world.

No sportsbook would be complete without allowing bets on cricket. You’ll be able to bet on the Ashes and other tournaments, as well as friendly matches and other outcomes such as a number of runs within a given match.

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Cycling – Lance Armstrong may be long gone, but there are plenty of other exciting names and events in the cycling world today. From events that make global headlines like the Tour de France to the lesser known cycling tournaments which take place constantly throughout the year, to the massive events like the Olympics and World Championships, there’s always potential to bet on cycling.

Darts – Darts is somewhat of a cult-like sport, with people who would be absolutely unknown on the street elevated to God-like status when the stand in front of a dartboard with a camera and a crowd nearby.

It’s also ridiculously exciting when you get into it, despite what you might first think. That excitement is enhanced even further by betting on the outcomes of games.

There are several darts championships that take place throughout the year, but there are many more regular games taking place constantly all over the world.

Whether you’re already a fan or are just getting into it, the game of darts provides endless betting opportunities.

eSports – E-Sports are the new ‘in thing’, and have grown in popularity in recent years as the digital revolution has taken the world by storm.

While we were always told playing video games is a waste of time, some have taken things to a whole new level and turned pro, taking part in huge global tournaments with lots of prize money up for grabs.

You can not bet on the outcomes of e-sports events and games. If video games are your thing, this could be a whole new avenue of betting to explore.


Financial Bets – We know, we know, this is definitely not a sport, but if you’ve ever seen the floor of the New York stock exchange in the old days, you might doubt that as a scrum of burly men piled on top of each other shouting, yelling and jostling as the markets fluctuated and they took their positions.

Today, financial betting requires no such strenuous activity. You can just click a button and enjoy limitless profits as the markets do the dollar dance and millionaires are made daily.

Financial betting is the big leagues. It’s not advisable to get involved for a quick punt. It requires some knowledge of what you’re doing, as losses can be steep, but on the flipside, fortunes can be made overnight.

There are endless opportunities to bet on financial markets. The global economy never sleeps!

Gaelic Games – If you’re an Irishman living in Australia and you hanker after home, or if you just learned to enjoy Irish sports like Gaelic and Hurling, there are plenty of opportunities to have a punt on the Gaelic games.

From rough and tumble Gaelic football, where someone is virtually certain to wind up on a stretcher, to nail-biting Hurling matches, where grown men swing hockey-like sticks at head level, Gaelic games are never dull.

Make them even more exciting by having cash riding on the outcomes.

Golf – Golf is one of the most watched sports in the world, and unthinkable amounts of money are bet on it annually. From major tournament outcomes to proposition bets like the number of holes in one, there are endless ways to bet on golf.

If you’re going to have a punt on golf, make sure you check out the Betfair Hub as there are lots of great strategies and ideas floating around. Some bettors have collected data and statistics that border the scientific, giving valuable insights into how to place your bets.

Greyhound Racing – Greyhound racing isn’t a mainstream sport as such, but it is a punter’s favourite as there are lots of excellent bets which can be made on the outcomes.

Any form of racing animals will require attention to ‘form’. We’ll cover this in more detail later in the strategies section.

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Horse Racing – By far the biggest of the racing sports, horse racing is a major sport and it’s biggest events like Cheltenham, the Grand National, and the Melbourne Cup draw crowds like football and see hundreds of millions change hands.

There are many great bets to be made on the horses, whether it be the major events or the weekly races, but always pay attention to whoever the Irish are training. They are the masters of this domain, and the data backs this assertion up.

Ice Hockey – This was another American-centric sport until cable made it possible for a global audience to tune in. Nowadays, ice hockey is watched all over and thanks to sites like Betfair you, sitting in Australia, can place a bet instantly on a showdown on the ice in Toronto or New York.

Ice Hockey is an intense sport at the best of times. It’s even more so when there’s cash riding on it.

MMA – MMA has taken the world by storm in recent times with sensations like Conor McGregor putting it well and truly on the map.

MMA is among the most exciting sports to bet on precisely because it’s so unpredictable. Much like boxing, this makes it a great candidate for ‘long shot’ bets.

There are almost always clear favourites going into MMA fights, but a single spinning heel kick,a timely right hook, or a well-placed uppercut can change everything and this year alone several UFC champions have had their lights put out by contenders.

MMA betting is growing exponentially. If you have done so already, you want to get in on it.

Motor Sports – When we say ‘motorsports’, most people automatically think of F1 racing. While it’s true this is the main event as far as motorsports go, there’s a lot more to bet on than just the fastest cars on earth.

From NASCAR to motorbike racing, motorsports is a huge betting sector and placing a bet on the outcomes just makes these adrenaline filled sports even more exciting.

Again, refer to the ‘Hub’ for detailed information and analysis on motor racing betting.

Poker – Again more of a game than a sport, poker has edged its way towards the mainstream in recent times and is now watched live on stations like ESPN.

While millions change hands in chips during major tournaments like the WSOP, millions more are bet on the outcomes of games.

Can you tell when someone is bluffing or for real? Poker betting could be the game for you. This is a great opportunity for in-game proposition bets, as it’s truly unpredictable in nature.

Politics – The event of the moment is the upcoming US presidential election, but 2016 has been a strange year for politics with a shock Brexit in the UK and a surprise win for foul-mouthed, tough-talking Filipino president Rodrigo Dutertre, who started the race dead last and basically overthrew the political establishment of his country.

Anyone who’s watching the current odds in the US will have noted how Donald Trump has slowly and steadily closed the gap on Hillary Clinton, making this one of the most hotly contested elections in recent memory.

Politics provides lots of opportunities to bet on. If you have an interest in it, you could make some serious cash into the bargain by having a punt on results.

Pool/Snooker – Whether you’re betting on major tournaments like the World Championships or just weekly games, snooker and pool both provide lots of great betting opportunities.

It’s possible to place regular bets on game outcomes and tournament winners, but both pool and snooker games provide lots of opportunities for in-game proposition bets, too.

Rugby – Rugby is big all over the world but nowhere more so than Australia.

From Rugby League matches to Rugby Union tournaments right through to the Rugby World Cup, the betting potential is endless.

Who will score the next try? Who might get sent off? Who will emerge victorious to take the glory? You can bet on it all in the rugby section of Betfair.

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Soccer – There’s no doubt that soccer is the biggest of them all when it comes to sports betting. Every week during Premier League matches in England and La Liga matches in Spain, uncountable amounts of cash are bet on everything from top goalscorers to match winners.

This intensifies even further when a major event like the Champions League and World Cups take place.

The Hub regularly updates with soccer news and info as matches take place. check it out.

Tennis – While casual spectators only tune in for the grand slams like the Australian Open and Wimbledon, there are always tennis matches going on all year long.

Betting on match outcomes is the most popular way to bet on tennis, but there are a number of interesting proposition bets that can be made, too, from how many sets it will take to win a match to whether or not a given player will commit a fault during a game.

Tennis is huge when it comes to betting, and as a growing sport attracting more and more fans every year, this trend is only going to continue.

There are also other sports you can bet on at Betfair from handball to water polo to volleyball. These are the main sections that attract the most punters but keep your eyes open and look for other betting opportunities as they arise.

You can use any Betfair promo code 2018 to bet on all of these and more.

The world of sport is never ending, and so are the opportunities to profit from it if you have the right information at the right time. Which brings us nicely to…

The BetFair Hub

Betfair Hub

The Betfair Hub is a huge treasure trove of useful information from expert bettors. It’s a community where expert punters congregate to share tips, strategies, and data that looks like it belongs in a science lab rather than on a betting site.

Yet this info is extremely useful. It can help you make informed betting decisions and therefore increase your chances of winning.

It’s worth remembering, though, that as far as data goes, if you have it the bookies also have it, and they’ll set the odds accordingly.

‘The Hub’ is broken down into sections. We’ll take a closer look at each of these now.

The model section of the hub shows and demonstrates the different models that can be used to bet and consistently win on different sports by accurately predicting the outcomes of various sports.

The models available on the main page of the hub include tennis, SP and racing models. Basically, live betting opportunities are thrown out during games and matches when huge amounts of data are processed to spot what probable or likely to happen next.

These models are somewhat new to many, but are run by powerful computer programs designed and overseen by experts.

Hey, if Wall Street traders can do it, why not the sports punter, too?


Betfair Hub News

Betfair has a team of expert bettors in each and every sport who constantly update the news section of the hub with all the latest news across a range of sports. The data scientist, the bookie’s bag, the Betfair insider, and others, pump out relevant news in real time and assess how it might affect bets.

This is a great source of information. It’s like having your own consultant sitting there with you. The hub is a great place to learn how to use your Betfair promo code 2018 wisely or how to bet in general.

Betting Better
The betting better section of the site is an education resource for those who want to take their knowledge and understanding of betting strategy to the next level. There are sections dedicated to betting principles, betting strategy, and strategy as related to specific sports.

Curious to know what ‘Green booking’ or ‘Value Betting’ are? This section of the site will enlighten you and bring you up to speed.

Betting Applications
For those who can see the huge potential in pro sports betting through the exchanges, Betting Applications is Betfair’s answer to taking things to the next level.

Basically, it’s a directory of advanced betting tools and software, although Betfair itself doesn’t create the tools. These are apps and computer programs you can download to give you an edge including 1-click betting, automated betting and charts that can help you visualize data and patterns.

There is also a Betfair app available for download for mobile users.

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Betfair Website

There’s been a trend online in recent times towards minimalist, clean, simple websites, and Betfair has gone down this road and done it very well indeed.

When you first log on to the Betfair site you’ll see their standard orange and black colours, with three tabs across the top and some relevant betting information below.

The navigation tabs are simple. They’re ‘Racing’, ‘Sports’ and ‘Hub’, the third being an information centre where bettors can both learn and share information related to betting.

We’ll explore the ‘Hub’ in greater detail later, but suffice to say it is an extremely useful section of the Betfair website when it comes to making informed betting decisions and developing strategies.

Due to the fact that it’s minimalist, the pages load at lightning fast speed and there’s no waiting around. This is a site without frills, which serves up the exact information needed, and which is extremely easy to use.

It’s rare that a website makes navigation so simple and easy. We give a tip of the hat to Betfair for this.

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Betting Strategies

Whether you decide to get involved in the betting exchanges and make a profit regardless of the result or decide to opt for more traditional outcome-based betting, knowing a few good strategies can never hurt.

When it comes to sports betting, these are some of the most commonly used betting strategies:

Betting on the Favourite
It’s the common sense bet in most situations, the one that involves you betting multiples of what you want to gain, but which has the highest probability of occurring.

Favourites bets are best used in situations with as few as possible outcomes. For example, a boxing match or soccer game can only go one of three ways – win, lose, or draw, but a horse race could go any number of ways, depending on how many horses are in the race.

Betting on the favourite will almost always involve risking more than you stand to gain, but most of the time you’ll make a safe return.

This strategy is risky in its own right, however, due to the fact that in sport absolutely anything can happen, and that’s precisely why so many of us watch it!

Betting on the Underdog
There are people who professionally bet for a living who use only this strategy and end up making money, despite losing more often than they win.

How is this possible? Well, betting on the underdog involves you getting much better odds, and so you could lose 20 $1 bets in a row at odds of 40/1, but if the 21st comes good, you’re up money.

The idea of betting on the underdog is that eventually the improbable will happen. Any veteran sports fan or player knows that this is true, and every once in awhile something truly stunning happens that send the sports world into chaos (think Holly Holm knocking Ronda Rousey out cold in MMA for an example).

Betting on the underdog means you have to be willing to lose small amounts of money consistently, knowing that you’re going to eventually win it all back and then some.

The trick with this strategy is to pick odds that will return a large amount of money should you be right, but that aren’t so ludicrous and improbable that they border on they will likely never occur (think Belarus winning the World Cup at 2000/1, for example).

Betting on the underdog is one of the best betting strategies you can use. Just don’t expect any logical order to it. You might lose 100 bets straight and then win 3 improbable ones in a row.

Hedging Your Bets

Hedging your bets involves betting on multiple outcomes to minimize your losses should you be wrong.

Bookmakers themselves hedge their bets, sharing the risk with partners if a huge bet is placed that could see them lose a large amount, so there’s nothing wrong with you doing the same.

Look for matches or games where you can bet on multiple outcomes such as picking three potential horses or betting on a fight at two different bookmakers to cover any potential losses you’ll make on the higher returning bet should things go wrong.

For example, imagine and MMA fight between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz with odds of 5/1 on McGregor and 4/5 on Diaz. In this case, you could bet $10 on McGreggor and $50 on Diaz, ensuring that if McGregor won you’d make $50 and lose $50, breaking even, or if Diaz won you’d win $40 and lose $10, netting you $30.

The only thing that can spoil the party when odds like this do turn up, and they do so more often than you might think, is a draw. There’s no such thing as a risk-free bet and you’ll have to assess the realistic probability of a draw and decide if it’s worth the risk or not.

Hedging your bets is a smart thing to do when possible.

Betting With Free Bet Promos

Since bookies are springing up all over the web, things have become pretty competitive in recent times and so top bookmakers offer free bets to let you try their services.

Many times you’ll have to make a stake to be able to claim and use these, but the fun is in the fact that at least one of your bets will be absolutely risk-free since you’re betting with their money.

This could be a great way to use the hedging your bets strategy above. You bet on one outcome with your own cash and another with the cash the sportsbook has given you to sign up. Either way, unless something improbable happens, you can’t lose.

Keep in mind that free bets usually can’t be withdrawn until you’ve bet them a certain number of times. Oh well, more betting for you then!


Lay Betting
Lay betting is something that’s only become possible online with the rise of betting exchanges like Betfair.

If you lay a bet, you are betting that something will not occur. Every bet on this planet requires a ‘backer’ or someone who thinks X will happen, and a ‘layer’ who thinks X will not happen.

On the betting exchanges, you can be either a backer or a layer. Many punters use lay bets to their advantage since many feel it’s much easier to predict something will not happen, rather than will.

In any match, fight, race, game or another scenario you may bet on, there are always endless potential events which could occur at any minute. Betting that X will not happen is much easier than betting that X will, in some punters minds.

Lay betting is something you can now add to your betting arsenal. A bet like ‘Crystal Palace won’t score against Man City in this half’ is now entirely possible to make thanks to the exchanges.

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Betfair Summary

Betfair is a great betting destination and you’ll struggle to find better on the web. It is, in its own words, different. This is not your traditional bookmaker and the novelty of this alone for some people is reason enough to check it out.

With a simple, easy-to-navigate site, a hassle free signup process, you will get a massive range of sports and events to bet on, and advanced intelligence gathering and analysis tools to give you an edge. Betfair is a great choice for a sports betting exchange online.
This is a great all rounder and opens up lots of news avenues for both beginner and advanced bettors.
Sign up today by clicking below and redeem your $200 first bet refund bonus!


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